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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Moving Forward

St Francis now sits in my window and a glimpse of my country bird feeder hangs in the tree outside
my window

created a small area to slice somethng or put in small microwave
very small microwave, fridge and storage, wish were a bit bigger
but for tea, something small to warm up it is fine

So the one who has created many homes, decorated them is pleased she took a good size
room, filled it with her favorite pieces and has made it seem like home.

Here or the country home
I am ready for whatever life has in store for me
just cannot fall.....

Sunday, January 7, 2018


You will not be the same
after the storms of life

You will be stronger, wiser and more alive
then ever before

Bryant McGill

There is always a reason
you meet people

Either you need them
to change your life
or you are the one
to change theirs

Angel Harefa

Friday, January 5, 2018


Much I am learning to do in a different way

I have always used an antenna in my country homes
here in the city at this nice place
you are connected to Com cast.
A lot is different with phone as answering machine does not work and a lot changed on computer.
The television is totally different with many channels and if I have the local news and Public
Broadcasting I am pleased.   Not a television viewer, I write and read....

I like to send my children images of what I am doing
and it takes like 10 or 15 minutes
and not the size I want.  So easier on this journal site and guess the whole world will know what I am doing :)

Have been trying to send image of 1/2 card table I ordered to put in front of window.  No room on computer desk to write and also if I want to eat something or have a cup of tea I can sit at this
table and look at the view out of this window.  Looks like Winter woods at this time but if here in the Spring will be beautiful and they fill large container outside my window with flowers.

trying to decide whether to keep or return to Amazon for smaller table ?

Jamie arrived yesterday morning and took me to the dentist I have gone to for 25 year and will not change as they are all so kind and never any pain.

My plans for future
no plans
one day at a time
I do know
at the moment
this is where I need to be.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Learning a New Way

almost looks like my country cottage
and guess what, my Orchids full of buds and seem to love the sunny mornings.

Have done what my son told me "take your favorite things, I will take them back when you return:)

No rest as of yet
time consuming adding a new address, phone number and changing subscriptions either temporary
or forever, who knows, not me....

Down to one small pile of paperwork

Going through papers I see my youngest daughter wrote words about her mama, will share in the future
I smile and almost cry at her words.

So bitter cold here like other areas but warm in this environment, one of the reasons I am here as Winter is here.

Callie, never around other dogs and seems to be enjoying company of Jamie's  dogs :) I miss her and Jamie
soon to bring her for a visit, she has not broiught her as she knows it would make me sad.

Checking in and more later.

Thanks to everyone for all of your encouraging and  kind words....

Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year

I write these words as a New Year will begin in minutes.

Something I said I would never do has been done  12 days ago with help, much was packed and I am in a beautiful place near my Jamie and Beth,   Would not have done this except my room has a large window, big tree outside where a bird feeder will be hung, a red one from the country.

Organizing to leave I had another fall, once again nothing broken just skinned arm badly and bruised left side  Difficult for me to believe I did this and just erased my beautiful country cottage from my mind, hopefully for a short time.  A very cold winter arriving and my Callie is with my Jamie and I wonder does she miss me.

They call this temporary home Senior Solutions, I am considered independent, but most here
are not and I am ashamed for complaining .  Everyone so nice and I reach out to all, pat shoulders, they all have wonderful backgrounds
and on my own began sitting with a 105 year old retired teacher, hard of hearing but I talk louder
because she was sitting alone,

The words I wrote in my journal after arriving.

"So I have arrived at Brookdale
very weary, exhausted
recovering from my third fall this year.
It is a lovely place, people friendly, beautiful room furnished with some of my favorite pieces.
But my heart is in the woods.
So there comes a time when you want what is best for you
not what you desire"

Guess that says it all and hoping when my Jimmy arrives from Thailand in a number of weeks
that I can return to my cottage in the woods.   In my heart I know this is best at this time.
I was on a downward cycle, not eating, not resting and always busy, seems I could not sit still.
Balance probem is progressing and will continue to do so with Sjogrens, arthritis and aging,
I was truly doing all I knew to do but not resting and eating.

My Jimmy tells me to treat Brookdale like the vacations I never took for 40 years as I never
wanted to leave my home.  So it is a thought, but if I get to return to the woods
I will kiss the ground and never leave again.....

Here I can rest, 3 nourishing meals a day, help that I need at this time and taking one day at a time.
Downside it seems that muc I reach for and need to use is in the country and to think I am an excellent
organizer and packer :)

as you enter this beautiful place and dining room with lovely tables

My orchids seem to like it here
and are blooming
my room in progress
I will add
if it was not this lovely
would not have come and the plus my Jamie 5 minutes away visits daily.

Enough shared at this time with more to come,  thanks to the many emailing me and it was
time for me to share

Happy New Year

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Morning and New Life

Up and on the computer, several times during the night also to see if special information had arrived.

Its arrival was here this early morning,
arrival on a cold night in New York.

Official that I am now a great grandmother, a boy and honored that a part of  his name is my maiden name:)

A heart full of health and happiness is wished this special granddaughter who was my first
grandchild and always held a special place in my heart.

Graham Nolen can hardly wait to physically hold you but you have been held with much love
in my heart since the first day that I was told you would be arriving.

God Bless you, my Jessica, Mathew and Graham Nolen and know you are all well loved.

at the old farm house
 years ago
Jessica and grandma....

just received.....

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


My two youngest granddaughter's
two weeks ago at grandma's (ME)
will be so nice to be near them

So many checking in and asking about me
and have not been up to sharing all that is going on.

A doctor shared several years ago with just a few aches from arthritis
that I need to get use to it as it would get worse.

Oh how I disliked him and changed to someone else
now I would look at him and say "how true your words were at that time.)

Seems mobility is really bad, cane is not enough and now most of the time walker.

Always been strong and determined at everything.  A full, active, fearless life.

At the moment so many decisions and so much to do, my children helping but cannot move
in with me with their families, work and some not near.   I have some help but want my
family with me, how childish of me.

I said I would never leave this home that was built with love 9 years ago,  A dream, nothing but me and nature and little Callie.  I did everything, no help and enjoyed my life and nature, pushed and pushed, never relaxing and now there is no push left.

Now told I am so healthy but can hardly walk across the room and simplest tasks are difficult and to accept that a wheel chair may be something in the future,
I am ashamed of this body not functioning the way it has in the past, it has been taken care of well
but maybe not resting and pushing and pushing was not a good idea - but it was me.

Yesterday visited an assisted living not far from 2 of my daughter's and young granddaughter's, it is near where I use to live, familiar with the area but at the moment wonder if driving will return.
A beautiful place, but can make no mistake at this decision to be made.   This may be what I truly need as I can have some help in this home but not constant help and encouragment.

It was Heaven being with my girls.   So long story short may relocate and my heart is here
by the woods.   So much to be done, moving, reorganizing, a lot eventually being sold and passed on.

So last night and continuing this early morning I am sick.  Just everything seems over whelming
to the one who never needed help, moved quickly with confidence and seems I have lost her.

Hoping some of me returns when final decision is made,   My son who will arrive soon
and daughter's helping me.

So guess I have not been realistic thinking I could go on forever with writing, camera, gardening
and always moving quickly and able to get on my much loved mat, walk outside with little Callie.

So you age and much happens and now I pray for acceptance, thankfulness and the ability to continue onward
with Peace and joy of memories with a life well lived.

I feel as though I am disappointing everyone
but mostly myself.  So ashamed this is not cancer, lung or other disorders, it is just a body that is wearing out and normal for someone now in her 80's.   Not afraid of death, guess just the process of deterating

So honestly I have shared and hopefully soon new images to post and possibly describe a
new way of life and oh how I have enjoyed the words shared with so many I have never met.

You are all angels.